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Moutarderie de Luxembourg is a family business, driven by the passion and dedication of Roland and Yann Munhowen, who represent the third and fourth generations. The company began manufacturing and selling mustard in 1922, starting out with their sweet and mellow “original mustard”. This mustard was a hit: decades later, “Lëtzebuerger Moschter” (Luxembourg mustard) is still a staple in most households across Luxembourg.
Later, it was joined by our “spicy” and “wholegrain” mustard, perfect for those who prefer a more vigorous condiment. Over the years, the family company has grown and so has their product range. We now produce a range of mayonnaises and sauces (Ketchup, Andalouse, Barbecue), all of our sources are completely natural products, and each bears the “Made in Luxembourg” label. We only use top quality raw ingredients, and all our products are without any preservatives or gluten.

Each year we produce :

240 tons of Mustard, 160 tons of Mayonnaise, 70 tones of Ketchup, 60 tones of Andalouse and 30 tons of BBQ Sauce

Our story

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“Moutarderie de Luxembourg” is a family-run business that goes back four generations. Our story began nearly 100 years ago, in 1922, when we produced our first-ever mustard sauce. Since then we have increased our range of products and have continued to produce high quality and tasty sauces for all to enjoy. All our sauces are certified with the "Made in Luxembourg" label. They are all preservative and gluten free and made with only the finest ingredients. Get a piece of Luxembourg's cuisine and enjoy it at home with friends and family!

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