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A family business, handed down over four generations

We have been honing our craft for a century, handing down our skills from father to son for four generations. All of our mustards, mayonnaises and sauces are developed and manufactured in Luxembourg, near the German border. Every one of them is a 100% natural product, containing no preservatives or gluten, and each carries the authentic “Made in Luxembourg” label. Our recipes are developed by a passionate team who all share the same vision, working to create exceptionally delicious sauces for everyone who loves good food as much as we do.

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Our mustards and sauces are all made exclusively in Luxembourg, and are the ideal way to enhance your cooking

Kids and grown-ups alike love our range of full-flavoured sauces, so try one today. We now have a range of 10 different mustards and sauces, so you’re sure to find the condiment for you! From spicy mustard to creamy mayonnaise, our products are the perfect companion to weekday dinners and special occasions. Enjoy them with a barbecue or a fondue with your family, friends or colleagues. Bring a little bit of Luxembourg to your dinner table, and add a splash of originality to your cooking. Gudden Appetit! (Enjoy your meal)

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“Moutarderie de Luxembourg” is a family-run business that goes back four generations. Our story began nearly 100 years ago, in 1922, when we produced our first-ever mustard sauce. Since then we have increased our range of products and have continued to produce high quality and tasty sauces for all to enjoy. All our sauces are certified with the "Made in Luxembourg" label. They are all preservative and gluten free and made with only the finest ingredients. Get a piece of Luxembourg's cuisine and enjoy it at home with friends and family!

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